Alex Corina and Ian C Taylor at Lark Lane Atelier

Review for Alex Corina and Ian C. Taylor at Lark Lane Atelier (Liverpool, England).
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
Photograph by Tony Knox 2007.
28 April 2007.

The Lark Lane Atelier gallery exhibition of Alex Corina and Ian C. Taylor opened on 28 April 2007 until 2 June 2007.

The Atelier itself reminds me of the array of galleries in the small twisting streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris (France). The work is exhibited almost with a feel of the Salon des Arts, each wall filled with enticing art.

The collection of art was diverse including studies, collages, sculptures and more.

corina_taylor_001_web.jpgTaylor’s art is derived from found objects, which he creatively reconstructs into sculptural studies of animals and various objects. His work is fascinating, as it makes one study these abstract/figurative forms.

Taylor defines his work: “The inspiration for my work come from a variety of sources for example the work of French sculptor Gaudier – Brzeska and the 3 dimensional work of Picasso. I also find inspiration in films including those of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I enjoy using a diverse selection of materials including stone, wood scrap mental and other objects I find.