Alex Corina and Ian C Taylor at Lark Lane Atelier

Review for Alex Corina and Ian C. Taylor at Lark Lane Atelier (Liverpool, England).
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
Photograph by Tony Knox 2007.
28 April 2007.

The Lark Lane Atelier gallery exhibition of Alex Corina and Ian C. Taylor opened on 28 April 2007 until 2 June 2007.

The Atelier itself reminds me of the array of galleries in the small twisting streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris (France). The work is exhibited almost with a feel of the Salon des Arts, each wall filled with enticing art.

The collection of art was diverse including studies, collages, sculptures and more.

corina_taylor_001_web.jpgTaylor’s art is derived from found objects, which he creatively reconstructs into sculptural studies of animals and various objects. His work is fascinating, as it makes one study these abstract/figurative forms.

Taylor defines his work: “The inspiration for my work come from a variety of sources for example the work of French sculptor Gaudier – Brzeska and the 3 dimensional work of Picasso. I also find inspiration in films including those of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I enjoy using a diverse selection of materials including stone, wood scrap mental and other objects I find.


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    Damn good effort I’d say. Hope Alex is pleased

  2. I’m sure the artists works are interesting, but as usual the Sweeney review is pure gibberish!

    Please learn to write clearly.

    Best wishes


  3. I find your comment about Sweeney’s reviews unfounded and unresearched. Firstly, you make no mention of going to the exhibition. Secondly, what gives you the accreditation? She is a woman who in a short space of time has accomplished so much and yet makes time to help others. She has worked as a lecturer in Fine Art and mentor to many other upcoming artists. Written for an array of international galleries and yet you have the audacity to comment. Pray tell! I am curious. Her reviews are informative and enable promotion of art to a broader audience. Not the sycophantic dribble we usual read. I am curious about Liverpool, because at the moment there are those from certain quarters who take the pleasure to undermine those who actually do things. So, what have you accomplished!? Please kindly reply.

  4. I am fed up with the slanderous attacks on her. She and the others were good enough to use when certain ones in the arts wanted favours doing of reviews written, advise on different matters and so forth. Now it seems from certain quarters malicious intent continues. She owes no one nothing and done nothing, but help others. Yet, it seems the spineless masses with petty jealously. She stands above anyone else. From her art to her professional standing. She is answerable to no one, but what she achieved done so on her own merit. Her art is different, but is this not supposed to be what art is about, not to copy another artist, but to do something different and relative to life now. It seems arts and culture are backwards in certain quarters. She is one on her own, unique and passionate woman. She does this to the utmost and not to be part of the incrowd and neither does she attack others, the way this general pattern has been.

  5. I question the validity when someone has not even made an attempt to visit the exhibition. She has written something to provide a sense of the work. This is normal for writing about an exhibition, as reviews are supposed to promote an awareness of the work. She is an exceptional artist and woman. Since last year with certain parties, it has been nothing but continuous attacks on her professional standing. She is someone who is contracted by London, New York and European galleries to write for them, then we have some upstart who comments. I have never heard of this person. Maybe, I am upset, but it has been a never ending attack on her since parties (unmentioned) have done their utmost to undermine her and continue to. From slander, complicity, even assault, this has been permitted. Who is David Marshmant anyway? Pray tell? Is it more David’s boy!? I will reside back on this one, but there is something horribly wrong here and this is but one of many incidents.

  6. Latin blood getting the better of you, dear Lucia!

    No worries. Everyone has different opinions.

    Remember sweetie! None of this peturbs me. Yes, I am strong and that is good.

    The main objective is for positive experiences.

    Someone disagrees with what I have written, then so be it! Does not matter. Maybe, they are not accustomed to certain types of writing styles and such is to be expected.

    Hands up! I am more accustomed to working with researchers, art historians and artists, so the lingo (LOL!) is to be expected. Can not satisfy everyone all of the time?

    PS: Safe journey home to the Clan!

  7. More to the point …

    In whatever grammatical style …

    This exhibition is BLOODY GOOD!

    Hope that clarifies it more!


    I would strongly recommend the exhibition.

    PS: Another good point … Auction online continues All in a good cause for the Emergency Department of Royal Liverpool Hospital and there is art donated by Corina too.


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