‘Alchemy’ Group Show at ArtSpeQ

The latest exhibition at ArtSpeQ in Quiggins is a group show by the proprietor of the gallery Ken Henshaw and 6 others. Ken also has his studio space here and visitors are encouraged to discuss the works with him, he has one of his large canvases with abstract circle paintings on show.

Mike Badger is well-known in Liverpool as a sculpture re-cycling metal articles into interesting alternative objects.

John M. O’Connor has a series of acrylic paintings which he produced as a millennium project 1999-2002, each painting has around 6 small portraits on the canvas.

Rob Symington has painted the Rhino you see here in acrylic but also exhibits some inkjet on acetate versions.

Stephen Roden often uses wooden palettes which he covers in thick gloss paint and acrylic, he likes to use text, words that he likes the sound of but may not necessarily sit well together.


Elizabeth Willow has exhibited here before as part of the Myrtle Group but this is new work including these small black boxes containing found objects and wound up with thread.

David Parsons has some really nice small drawings here as well a cabinet full of his small wooden sculptures mostly of fish.

I think the work on show this month is of a good quality, interesting and, as usual, well presented.

‘Alchemy’ Runs at ArtSpeq, 2nd floor Quiggins until November 30th 2005.