Aintree Hospital Unveils New Sculptures

Unfortunately we couldn’t get ot the launch event but these sculptures look excellent. They’re dotted around the grounds of the hospital which is already renowned for its indoor artworks and programme of artistic events.

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at the Fazakerley site.

Celebrating Liverpools ‘Year of the Environment’ PARTIA has commissioned Four outdoor sculptures using recycled and decommisioned hospital materials.

PARTIA – Promoting the ARTs In Aintree. The aim of PARTIA is Improving and Enhancing the environment for the health and well being of patients and staff. See the website

The four artist residencies were advertised through artinliverpool classifieds, the selected artists worked with local schools and colleges to create 4 onsite monumental recycled sculptures. As part of a separate project to improve hospital way finding they split the site into four zones; tree zone, bird zone, wildlife zone and flower zone. The artists had to produce a relevant monumental sculpture for each of these zones and also reflecting the natural aspect of the site and links to Bluebell Woods.

The following materials were recycled to create the sculptures:
Recycled domestic type waste –  sculpture includes such material as catering tins, plastic bottles etc.
Recycled Hospital Materials – sculpture includes equipment such as old hospital beds, wheel chairs and crutches
old theatre equipment etc.
Wood Sculpture/s – using wood from the local Bluebell Wood.


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