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Christine O'Reilly-Wilson


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Independents-logo-150The Gallery Liverpool, Stanhope Street
17.09.2010 – 17.10.2010
Four artist – Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Susan Meyerhoff Sharples, Jane Hughes, Wendy Williams.
Open: Monday – Saturday 10.30 – 16.30 (Closed Sun)

If you have been to the gallery in Stanhope Street before the first thing you may notice for this exhibition is the hanging walls normally in the middle of the gallery have been moved to the corners giving a larger open space. So it has more of a white-cube feel to it with Susan Meyerhoff Sharples sculpture dominating the central area and the 2D work grouped around the walls. Another curatorial decision is that the four artists do not have their own area but we have some of each artist on each wall, maybe this is an attempt to have a fair distribution but I think I would rather take in one artist at a time.

It’s a very good show overall by four of Merseyside’s top female artists. I love Jane Hughes series of minimal landscapes and seascapes in various shapes and sizes, some even fitting into the corners of the room. Christine O’Reilly-Wilson’s abstracts show a great use of colour, my favourites are the series of small vibrant red-toned works.

Susan Meyerhoff Sharples ‘The Object of Things’ 2010, is a continually growing collection of silver plated sculptures, floor casts produced throughout the world which considers the things we think with, things that often anchor memory and help sustain relationships. It seems I’m drawn to the all the smaller works in this show and the same is true of Wendy Williams wing pieces, I prefer the smaller studies of single wings to the, nevertheless, inpressive huge white installations.

The works are for sale at very reasonable prices. One of the artists is present each day during opening hours.

Jane Hughes
Jane Hughes
Susan Meyerhoff-Sharples
Susan Meyerhoff Sharples
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams