A Very Cold Art Market at the Piazza

piazza-1.jpg piazza-2.jpg

The first of the free monthly Art Markets took place at the Metropolitan Cathedral Piazza today. That’s the big open area in front of the steps near the cafe. We went about 12.30, half an hour after the start and it seemed a few artists hadn’t turned up as there were quite a few gaps in the 36 marked out areas.

I know it was free but I thought there would be proper market stalls with covers. Instead the artists have to bring along their own tables etc. It was extremely cold and a bit windy, any prints or canvases that were not securely fastened to something had a tendency to be blown half way down Hope Street. I don’t see how any of the vendors could have continued if it was raining.

It was ok though and its a start. There were a fair number of people around and some were actually buying stuff. We bought a couple of lovely cards from Joel Bird

The next two Piazza Art Markets are as follows:-
18th May 2008
Noon – 4pm
22th June 2008
Noon – 4pm

Metropolitan Cathedral
Mount Pleasant
L3 5TQ


If you’re an artist or designer/maker interested in exhibiting at the Piazza Art Markets contact Open Culture at info@culture.org.uk