A Theory of Entanglement at FACT


Bernie Lubell – A Theory of Entanglement at FACT, Liverpool
19 June – 6 September 2009

Its not every day you get the chance slowly wind yourself into a coffin-shaped box and still communicate through a sort of tin-can telephone system so take advantage of this opportunity before the show ends on 6th September 2009.

Unlike most exhibitions you are encouraged to interact with all the machines, otherwise there’s not much point apart from admiring the ingenuity of the designs and the skillful carpentry.

There are several of these wonderful huge mechanical sculptures not just in the gallery spaces, there’s the giant knitting machine in the atrium which requires two people to pedal as well as others to be sitting on the cafe sofa – very much a team effort. Many are related to the body as well, there are breathing and heart-pumping devices.

An engaging and fun exhibition with a serious side too. Don’t miss it and allow plenty of time for playing.



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