‘A Private View’ by Grahame Ashcroft at Williamson

c. Grahame Ashcroft
c. Grahame Ashcroft

Here’s some bright,warm paintings to cheer us up on these cold, dark Winter days, this solo show by Wirral-based Grahame Ashcroft fills a large room at the Williamson Gallery. Well worth a visit, it’ll bring a smile to your face and wipe Birkenhead’s gloomy skies from your mind.

The artist describes his working process:
“Truman Capote said, “My life – as an artist, at least – can be charted as precisely as a fever: the highs and lows, the very definite cycles.” I know what he meant. Inspiration comes and goes – interests germinate and blossom, fade and die away, only to be replaced by fresh blooms – but the compulsion to work remains fairly constant. Sometimes, I feel as though I’m on a treadmill; at other times, the paintings seem to paint themselves. I never know when a painting’s finished. No bells ring. I simply realise I’ve begun thinking about the next one.”

‘A Private View’ by Grahame Ashcroft
at the Williamson in association with Dot-Art
14 November – 24 December 2009

c. Grahame Ashcroft
c. Grahame Ashcroft


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