A (Mostly) Musical Break in Manchester Part 3

Andrea-ZappEye2Eyeweb.jpg‘The World is My Imagination’ at CUBE, Manchester
Curator: Andrea Zapp

Participating Artists:
Nick Hardy, UK, h.o Media Group, Japan, Hilary Jack, UK, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, USA, Marcus Kison, Germany, Amanda Oliphant, UK, Mark Pilkington, UK, Joel Porter, UK, Andrea Zapp, Germany/UK,

7th September – 3rd November 2007
Opening Times: 12.00pm – 5.30pm Monday – Saturday

We managed to take in the Private Viewing for this while we were in Manchester last week and very glad we did too. Its a really interesting show. CUBE, the Centre for the Urban Built Environment is an architecture centre and a member of the Architecture Centre Network. Located in the city centre of Manchester on Portland Street, So its similar to Liverpool’s RENEW rooms in Wood St but its a lot bigger and exhibition is on 2 floors.

Thanks to local artist Amanda Oliphant for alerting us to this exhibition, her own ‘Birdhouse’ collection is dotted around the ground floor. These are real birdhouses but obviously without birds, instead there are objects, pictures, even a small video.

One of the most engaging pieces is ‘Perfect Time’ by h.o Media Group a media art collective from Japan. Visitors pour sand into a trough with a thin slit in the base, as the sand pours through it creates a thin curtain, a nearby projector beams images onto this screen of sand creating a fascinating, fragile, ephemeral image.


Another popular installation is Nick Hardy‘s structure which is like a small tunnel passing through a wall at eye level, you can see the person at the other end and small microphones which pick up, distort and magnify any vocal sounds you make. Great fun.

All the other works are very good too, well worth checking out if you are in the area.

After the PV we went to the Academy to see Caribou perform, excellent sounds. Watch a video