A (Mostly) Musical Break in Manchester Part 2

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‘Hacienda 25 The Exhibition: Fac 491’ at Urbis, Manchester until February 2008

Well worth a visit not just for fans of music. I was never really into the Manchester scene and never went to the Hacienda club though I did like New Order.

Tony Wilson, the owner of Hacienda and founder of factory records died about a month after this exhibition opened, they have added an extra memorial section at the end.

There’s loads to see, even the entrance to the exhibition has the original wooden doors from the club, lots of videos and photographs and of course Peter Saville’s designs are everywhere –
“What do you mean, you made Factory a success?
We gave you all of the incredible graphics, the great music and the sense of style” – Peter Saville

“Ahh, but we let you do it” – Rob Gretton



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