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A Life Not Sweet Anymore – The Pommefritz Crew


Independents-logo-150A Life Not Sweet Anymore
Calderstones Park Coach House Gallery
20.09-2010 – 26.09.2010
Has Italy, the country of the “Sweet Life” become a surreal labyrinth, where absurdity and irrationality among men is the constant? The answer given in the key photographic collective Pommefritz, composed of Max Boschini and Mauro Manuini, and adding on this occasion their friend Marco Brioni.

We visited a few places in South Liverpool yesterday, starting at the Coach House in the beautiful (now autumnal) Calderstones Park. The exhibition consists of several photographs taken in abandoned buildings in Northern Italy, the Pommefritz Crew’s home country. It’s worth mentioning that they are not digital and have not been digitally manipulated at all, the crew concentrate instead on capturing the natural lights and colours and making the most of the chemistry during development.

I really like them, they’re beautifully composed and some are quite humorous. I’m sure the pictures are for sale but I didn’t get the price list. The Crew exhibit all over the world, I hope they enjoy their stay in Liverpool.