5aThegallery and more in St Helens

5A door5athegalleryI went to St Helens today to catch up on the latest at 5aThegallery, just across the road from the central rail station. Its a nice place this, there’s a lot packed into the ground floor but upstairs there’s a large room with plenty of space to look around at leisure and its all very well displayed with full details and prices.
The current exhibition is called ‘Prints Galore’ which focuses on the myriad processes of ‘printing’. Showcasing printed art works by professional artists in various styles and sizes at prices to suit all pockets, including silk-screens, collagraphs, etchings, lino cuts, giclée, lithographic, ink jet, digital and photographic prints.
Yes, that is a door with a picture printed onto it!
I don’t have all the artists names but I particularly like the drypoint etchings of Carol Susan Traynor and the monoprints by Lynn Ben-Yousef. Also wood and lino cuts by Wayne Robinson, photographs from Norman Gibson, Paul Gallagher and Corin Dickinson.

It seems every time I come here the Rainford Gallery above the central library is in-between shows. So plenty of time to go across to the World of Glass museum. I did the tour here last time but in the reception area is an exhibition of artworks relating to the sea. I had actually seen them all earlier in the ‘Coast’ exhibition at 5A a few months ago.


  1. Ah yes. I remember that autumnal print on the door well. Last time I was there it was standing up against a wall in the back studio, along with a few other large prints; I decided to ‘thumb’ through the pile and they all fell over. *Oops*

    I really shouldn’t be let loose in an art gallery.

  2. Thanks for not telling me Dave Rattigan!! The next time you visit 5athegallery (yes – unbelievably you are still welcome!)and ‘thumb’ through piles of artwork in the store room AND they fall over please let me know about it (I work here full time) – as it is my responsibility to report any damages to artworks to the relevant artists, to my boss and our insurer. Remember Dave that art is somebodies work.

    Maybe it’s not that you shouldn’t be let loose in art galleries – maybe it’s just that you should keep your hands firmly in your pockets!

  3. Tell it like it is, Jess Bowstead. Who does that Dave Rattigan bloke think he is, I ask you? Just because he wrote the screenplay to Goodbye MrChips doesn’t make him the chuffin king of whatever he thinks he is. I’d ban him and his clumsy thumbs from your gallery forthwith.

  4. Heh. A year on and I’ve only just found that response to me through a Google search. (Yes, I’m one of those vain individuals who googles my own name…)

    Jess, I was talking to the gallery owner at the time, so they were well aware of my clumsiness, and the paintings were fine!

    Oh you’ve dug yourself a hole, Rattigan, and now you’re trying to claw your way out of it.
    Go on then….Claw away.
    Claw away with those spade-like mole’s fingers you possess.
    Come on, kids, sing along with me…
    (Get out of town)


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