4×4 at the Bluecoat


4 x 4.  6 March – 10 May 2009 at the Bluecoat. Four galleries, four exhibitions. 4×4 is the first in an occasional series of simultaneous exhibitions exploring the unique features of the Bluecoat’s new gallery spaces.

This looks like a real tree but is in fact a bronze cast by Anya Gallaccio with golden apples hanging from red threads, its lovely. She has another work taking up the whole of the space in the upstairs gallery, looking like a fishing net or hammock zig-zagging across the room, visitors can walk in and around the artwork.

The large ground floor space is occupied by Colin Darke and David Mabb. Darke spent 4 years painting 480 images of everyday items such as labels, boxes, his own bank statement etc. its fun to look through but I’m not sure about its lasting effect. In the other corner is Mabb’s reworked wallpapers, the 70 large  William Morris designs have been partly overpainted.

Shana Moulton‘s collection of short videos ‘Whispering Pines’ are very clever, surreal and entertaining.

David Osbaldeston presents a large-scale print housed within a billboard structure  in the end gallery space which faces onto College Lane, hopefully attracting the attention of Liverpool One shoppers as they pass by. The print is mainly text and was created over six months of intense labour, starting with a collage of collected materials, which Osbaldeston copied as a pencil drawing, photocopied and further enlarged through soft-ground etching.


Overall a really good, enjoyable show.