12,586 at (former) Bluecoat Barber Shop

The latest exhibition at the old Barber Shop adjacent to the Bluecoat a.k.a. The Lost Soul & Stranger Service Station is entitled ‘12,586‘. This is the total number of houses to be demolished under the Merseyside-wide New Heartlands program. The show features three artists with a particular interest in this program and the Edge Lane demolitions.

I’m pleased that its not so much about the argument for and against the program and doesn’t force either viewpoint on us, its more about documentation and the effect on the communities and sense of place. It invites viewers to make their own response. As well as the artwork, there’s a selection of printed materials relating to te Heartlands program and Edge Lane project.

Artists: Katriona Beales, Neringa Plange and Nina Edge.

Exhibition opening hours: 12noon – 6pm. 17 – 30 July 2009
Artist talk by Nina Edge Friday 17 July, 11.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: The Lost Soul & Stranger Service Station
The Bluecoat Old Barber Shop, School Lane, Liverpool