100 Heads at St George’s Hall


It was great to see all 100 portraits by Anthony Brown
in the great hall of St George’s last night.
The Brown family are at the front, John Lennon and Paul McCartney at the back and several familiar faces in between.
Of course, I can think of a few other faces I’d like to see there but it would be a lifetime’s work to paint all the great Liverpudlians. Best to limit it to 100.

The portraits are a multi layered process of news print (mainly Liverpool’s own The Liverpool Daily Post and the Liverpool Echo), magazine, book, written word & pictures and photograph, all becoming medium alongside traditional oil and acrylic paints and technique which build a uniquely personal portrait of the sitter – a ‘diary’ of their life & image.

The Exhibition subjects are all chosen for their unique contribution to Liverpool life and their personal involvement and inspiration within the life of the artist and his work.
Subjects include Thespians, Lawyers, Architects, Editors, Musicians, Secretaries, Hoteliers, Doctors, Journalists, Writers, Directors, Religious & Business leaders and wonderfully inspirational people, with their image to be seen and their story to be read. From Liverpool & surrounding areas, London, Oslo and New York – Each with a Positive Thought, 100 Heads Thinking As One.

For all further information and images, please visit the official website :