100 Heads at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

rt-rev-james-jones.jpgI’ve been to a few good party’s already this year but the best two so far have been at the Catholic Cathedral, so what does that say about the church?
Not a lot really, its down to the organisers and caterers and at Anthony Brown’s viewing this evening the caterers were really on the ball. The wine waitress was psychic, even when your wine glass was hidden away under your seat out of sight she could sense that it wasn’t quite full and demand to top it up.

She looked familiar and it turned out she was sitting next to us at the premiere performance of Under The Mud at the Philharmonic just a few weeks ago and a few metres away there was Drew Schofield, the star of the film who was here because he’s one of the 100 heads. Now there’s serendipity for you.

It was a strange private viewing as it was in a cathedral and started off with speeches from various churchy people. The Right Rev James Jones, pictured here, made some very good comments about the lack of mercy in today’s media etc. but then spoiled it all by mentioning God, well I suppose he has to but to me its pretty obvious that its better to be nice than nasty. Do we really need to be instructed by some mythical being?

Anyway, back to the artwork, and I think this is the first time that there’s been an exhibition here spreading round the full perimeter of this brilliant space so its well worth taking a look.
Its here until the end of March 2007