100% Cotton at Maritime Museum

Cotton-trader.jpgDid you know that Liverpool was built on the cotton trade, there’s even a myth that the Liver Building was literally built on foundations of cotton bales. The ‘Spirit of Liverpool’ statue on top of the Walker Art Gallery rests on a bale of cotton and one 225kg bale is enough to make 325 pairs of jeans!
These facts along with loads of others are thrown at you at the ‘100% cotton’ exhibition at the Maritime Museum (head straight for the rear of the 2nd floor and you’ll avoid all those boring boats).
There’s all the family-friendly stuff of course, I had great fun squashing boll-worm bugs and others on the interactive bug game, they don’t half squeal though. Not sure, we should encourage kids to squash bugs, though I suppose its an organic method at least. I remember reading a few years ago that about 25% of the worlds pesticide is used on cotton plants, I’ve tried to buy more organic T shirts ever since.
There are videos about the cotton farmers and people working in the Lancashire cotton mill towns where there was great hardship in the 1860s (The Cotton Famine) as trade from America declined during the Civil War. At that time 50% of Liverpool’s trade was based on cotton.
Then there’s lots of examples of the use of cotton through the centuries up to modern items such as the T shirts you can buy in the Museum shop conveniently placed at the entrance to the exhibition.
Runs until June 2006.