10 of 100 Heads at Maritime Museum

Anthony Brown discusses Joe Ankrah’s portrait with the man himself.

Well I think there’s 10 anyway, the Maritime Museum website says 9 but doesn’t mention Sue Williams, who’s portrait I definitely saw. I demand a recount.
Most of you will have seen these before as they’ve been touring the area as part of the full 100 Heads for a while but a few of them are new (I think there’s 115 in total now) and this is the first time they’ve actually been fixed to a wall having been displayed on easels at all the previous venues

They’re here until October 28th 2007 then there’ll be some in Microzine before another big show at the Post & Echo building.

Really the full collection could do with a permanent home, if not the originals then maybe prints. It would be a shame for them to just disappear.