Wrong Love at A Foundation 13/14 Feb 2010 – Details


Tickets are available for this exciting live art event organised by the good folk at Come Into Land.

Is it pre-valentine, alt-valentine ot anti-valentine?

SATURDAY 13 February 2010, 21.00 – 3.00am at A Foundation
Liverpool’s biggest Independent Live Arts Event of 2010. WRONG LOVE is a night of intimate performances, site-specific installation, audio visual art and live music which will use the banner of an alternative Valentine’s Day celebration to ask questions about romance, sexuality, unconventional love and where art is headed in this new decade.

With over forty individual artistic contributors, WRONG LOVE is the first happening produced by the new live arts event collective LAND and is completely self-supported by three young creative directors in an energetic response to the growing desire for independent, self-made culture.

The event aims to showcase thought-provoking works from local, national and international artists while providing a platform for the live arts to reach a wider audience than ever before.

The night will include a bespoke hour filled with ‘wrong’ love poetry and short story readings from BRICKFACE press, a team of young, independent writers and self-publishers. Three hours of performance will follow, interspersed with heart wrenching ballad and instrumental pieces from young local musicians. The performance segment of the night will end with a surprise for all guests involved to be immediately followed by dancing until Valentine’s Day gets well underway.
This ambitious event is the first in Liverpool that will showcase contemporary artists with an unprecedented interdisciplinary approach.

Samantha Sweeting, Baptiste Croze, Leo Durand, Heather Jones, Kimbal Bumstead, C. James Fagan, Julie Hollenbach, Florence Dent, Laurence Payot, Oliver Lomax, Improvisation Laboratory, w/Fool’s Proof Theater

Shelly Nadashi, Je Baak, Christopher Paul Daniels, Rebecca Davies, Priya Sundram, Ana Viegas, Maria Anastassiou, Magali Charrier, Daniel Brackenbury, Clifford Sage, Mike Carney

Jayne Lawless, Richard Proffitt, Alan Williams, Adam Vaughan, Jack Welsh


DJ Toby Williams, DJ Mysterious Mike, We Came Out Like Tigers, Colin Eccleston

This unique ensemble of talent will open their doors to the art world and local community to perform this ground-breaking event on Saturday, February 13, 2010, 9pm-3am at the A Foundation, Liverpool.

£10.00 / £6.00 CONCS* IN ADVANCE

Also available for local pickup at:
3beat Records
5 Slater Street
L1 4BW
81 Renshaw Street
L2 6RE

WRONG LOVE is sponsored by Artist Newsletter and Mates condoms.