Under the Bridge: Garston Hinterlands. 30 Nov 08

From the morning of Sunday 30 November 2008, Under the Bridge, Garston, Liverpool.

Garston Hinterlands takes the form of a subtle intervention into the otherwordly space under the bridge that bisects the suburban area of Garston. Silent, uncanny creatures will take up residence on ledges and in cracks, while an abandoned TV plays out images to nobody.
The discarded technology and fauna will temporarily weave itself into the fabric of life under the bridge, becoming witness and guardian to the buses, pigeons, cars, local residents and church-goers who frequent the space. Gradually the visitors will leave, once again abandoning the space to it’s own fate.
Garston Hinterlands will be viewable from the morning of Sunday 30 November. Following the intervention a short edition of artist-made books documenting the project will be available.
Check out www.seanhawkridge.com for more info
This project was curated by Kevin Hunt, Rita Slater and Agnieszka Kulazinska
For further information please contact Kevin Hunt: 07761573889 or Rita Slater: 07906354676
Garston Hinterlands is the second of two projects happening at the bridge on Church Road in Garston and is part of a series of interventions occurring directly on the streets of Garston during Liverpool Biennial 2008, resulting from a reciprocal exchange with partner organisations, artists and curators in Gdansk, Poland. It is part of For The Likes Of Us… an exchange programme between the Biennial Big Table partners and ‘corresponding’ organisations across Europe, contributing towards the objectives of the Cities on the Edge network, created by Liverpool Culture Company as an outcome of its nomination as European Capital of Culture 2008.