Train your brain in FACT’s Exploratory Laboratory

Killing Lena (2007) Jamie Allen, courtesy of the artist
Killing Lena (2007) Jamie Allen, courtesy of the artist

I’m really looking forward this next exhibition at FACT, lots of interesting interaction involved, should be fun.

Train your brain in FACT’s Exploratory Laboratory
18 June – 30 August 2010
FACT, Liverpool and online
FREE Entry
As part of its new exhibition Persistence of Vision (18 June – 30 August), FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is inviting audiences to test their memory, visual perception and mental agility in its Exploratory Laboratory.

Visitors to will enter the Family-Friendly space through a hall of mirrors. Inside they will find a series of fun experiments that test various aspects of memory and perception. The interactive touch-screen games, which were specially designed by the FACT team for the exhibition in collaboration with Liverpool University’s Visual Perception Lab, give visitors an overall score so they can see how their memory and mental agility measures up against family, friends and other gallery visitors. The games are also available to play online via the FACT website.

Visitors will also have the chance to step back in time and see a rare display of Victorian optical toys. The collection, which belongs to acclaimed experimental film-maker Werner Nekes, includes zoetropes, thaumatropes and a camera obscura. These devices fascinated Victorians with their ability to capture images and create the illusion of movement. They were also crucial to the development of more recent image technologies such as photography and film.

After exploring the Laboratory, visitors can then go on to the main gallery spaces to see Persistence of Vision. FACT’s new exhibition explores the relationship between vision, memory and media through the multimedia work of nine contemporary artists who repurpose image technologies, such as cameras, projectors, magnifying glasses and mirrors, to review and re-imagine how our memories are stored, created and revived.

Participating artists: Melik Ohanian (France), Julius von Bismarck (Germany), Julien Maire (France), Mizuki Watanabe (Japan), Gebhard Sengmüller (Austria), Jamie Allen (Canada), Sascha Pohflepp (Germany), AVPD (Denmark), Lindsay Seers (UK)


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