Tommy McHugh Features on TV, 26 May

photograph by Gianni Bianchini

True Stories: Painting the Mind on More 4
Tuesday 26 May 2009, 22:00

Painting the Mind features five different artists, Local artist Tommy McHugh and an American artist Jon Sarkin, who both started painting compulsively following strokes, they produce quite abstract and expressionistic art.

There is an Italian artist who after a fever, which doctors think  affected part of his brain, began to produce paintings of a village which  he had not seen since leaving it at a very young age, which were  photographically accurate, and two younger autistic savant artists  who produce stunningly detailed representational paintings of  places which they may have only briefly visited.

Painting the Mind is (director) Sarah Feltes’s stunning exploration of creativity and the mechanisms of our brains which  promote or suppress it. It is particularly powerful as it is entirely subject driven, the extraordinary experiences are told by the  artists themselves, their family and friends.