THRESHOLD Festival – 11-13 Feb 2011


200 acts • 160 bands, musicians and DJs • 12 stages • 3 days • 1 building
February 11-13 2011, CUC Liverpool

What is Threshold?
Threshold is Liverpool’s newest grassroots festival, an annual event boasting over 200 live acts from the worlds of music, dance, theatre, art and photography – and much MUCH more – under one roof.

Spontaneous, innovative and independent, for three days in February Threshold will transform Liverpool’s CUC into a hive of arty, musical goodies; bands, dancers, exhibitions, flashmobs, photography, theatre, galleries and games, by a feast of performers and artists who’re the best of the North West. Watch, listen – learn. Get involved.

Threshold is a partnership between promoters Under the Influence and the Liverpool CUC and this means it’s a festival with a conscience. Every penny you spend when you come to Threshold – every pie and pint, sandwich and snack you consume – goes straight back into helping those with greater needs and fewer chances. Profits from ticket sales are reinvested into next year’s festival.

Advance tickets cost £5 a day, or you can enjoy the whole weekend’s events for a tenner. Tickets are available online at or via the CUC box office 0151 708 3529.

Why ‘Threshold’?
Kaya Herstad, Festival Director

Ingi, the creative director at the CUC invited us to use the building for something special and considering its size and the variety of spaces on offer there was only one option, to run a festival. Chris and I have done a variety of music events under the Under The Influence moniker, but as we planned the festival it became clear that this event needed a
separate identity. ‘Threshold’ is significant because it means ‘a starting point for a new state or experience’ a definition which we apply to the uniqueness of the festival and the venue which, until now, hasn’t been explored in this way.

Ingi Thor, CUC creative director

Put two Scandinavians and a Scouser together and great things are going to happen! I’ve always believed in this building’s potential and with this event being given such great support by Peter MacDonagh, Director of CUC Liverpool, and Maff Potts our new CEO, I really believe Threshold is a sign of exciting things to come. ‘Threshold’ meant something to all of us as a partnership as Under the Influence bid to take people beyond their creative Threshold and we at the CUC invite you to cross ours.

Threshold Festival is…
• art • bands • cabaret • comedy • conga • crafts • creative convention • cupcakes • dance • DJs• fashion • film •  flashdance • food • health • industry panels • installations • instrument amnesty • music • philosophy • photography • Pillbox Vintage Fair •politics • portraits • puppets • retro gaming • singing • skating • spoken word • stenciling • theatre • visuals • workshops • zumba •

A to Z Participators in alphabetical order
Name Artform/ company
Furniss & venom DJs
2Toned Theatre
7Streets media
Acoustic Dreams charitable music promoter
Alex Hulme solo acoustic
Antipop Label
Arkaidance Band
Art From a Bag Visual Art
Art In Liverpool Arts organization
Arts Less Scene Film
At Any Time Band
Avant Gardner Acoustic
Bad Odd Bob’s One Man One Sound
Orchestra Acoustic
bad taste barbies Band
Balloons Project Charity
Barbieshop a capella
Barry Briercliffe Acoustic
Beaten Track DJ’s DJ
Ben Power DJ
Bobby Mowack DJ
Boss Film Film
Burnitov DJ
Butterfunk Club night
callum mcMoran acoustic act
CALM Charity
Capsica Media
Captain Johnson DJ
Cast youth ensemble Physical Theatre
Charlie Hincliffe Singer/Songwriter
Chew Disco DJ
Chickenpot DJ
Christina Malley Blues
Claude Club night
Cler Lever DJ
Contemporary Urban Choir Choir
Corinthians Dubstyle
Crafty Carrot Cupcake maker
Culturepool Arts Organization
Danny Pape Band
Danny Taylor Acoustic
Darkside Film
Dave Jackson Band
Dave Masson Acoustic
Dave O’Grady Blues acoustic
David Glyn Jones Blues acoustic
Dead Sounds Punk
Deaf Club Alternative Band
Debt Records Label
Dirty Tricks Alternative Band
Disco Dick DJ
Discoteca Poca Club Night
Dog Man Dave Solo Acoustic
El Rncon Latino Club Night
Endeavors Band
Entropy Band
Esoteric Gender Electronic band
Fabian Rothschilde solo acoustic
Fieldhouse confirmed
Flicky Games
Vintage Computers/ retro
free rock’n’roll gig night
Future Hip Hop
Gareth Cheshire Presents Body Plant
21 DJ
General Jimmy dj
Global Trader Artists – ‘Toys’ & ‘ Visual Art
Goodnight Lenin folk band
Gray Torino dj
Greta Core Acoustic
Gretavisions Visual Art
Grimanga (Sunday Only) rock
Hair of the Dog Promoter
HeadSpace Visual Art
hope & Harmony Choir
Hungry Ghosts (Saturday Only) band
Ian Paterson dj
Impropriety Spoken Word
indigo vibe – that sing thing! choir
Inglorious Heavy Rock
Iron Witch Heavy Rock
Jaded live electronica
James Munro solo acoustic
JayJay DaFunk dj
Jazzbo dj
Jennifer John simply fantastic
Jennifer Pellegrini Photographer
Jessica West solo acoustic
Jessicas Ghost (No Saturday Slot) alternative band
jimmy lightfoot & the diciples band
Jo Bywater solo acoustic
Joan Wormsley Visual Art
Joe Rhead solo acoustic
Joni fuller band
kabarett babel Promoter
Kaya & Captain Temper alternative band
Kelly Paige solo acoustic
kelly paige band
Kevin Crichtley Outfit alternative band
Kid Blast dj
Kof hip hop
Lazy Genius Promoter
LIPA Volunteers
LiveImpact Audio solutions
Liverpool Acoustic Promoter
Liverpool Community College Volunteers
Lodestar Theatre
Lonesome Georginas band
long finger bandits band
Look 2011 Photography festival
Lost Soul (Sunday Set Only) solo acoustic
Louis Barrabas and The Bedlam 6 alternative band
lovecraft Band
Lucas dj
man eats plane Band
Mark McNulty Photographer
Mary McComb solo acoustic
Mash Made Media Promoters
Masters of the Radio Synth Pop
Matt Swift solo acoustic
Max Zadow Film
MDI Dance
Mellowtone Promoters
Memoire live electronica
Miles Carrington solo acoustic
MinionTV post rock
Mo dj
movema dance
mr paul DJ
Neil griffiths Visual Art
Night Parade folk band
Nitty Gritty dj
Nooks and Grannies Puppetry
OCD indie band
Ogo solo acoustic
Open Culture Arts Organization
Owen Hedd McEvoy Visual art
Parr Jazz Jazz band
pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies Band
Pete Carr Photographer
Philosophy In Pubs Arts Organization
PillBox Vintage Vintage Fair
Police Squad indie band
PPL support organisation
Punning Clan hip hop
Puppet Pool Puppetry
R&R solo spoken word
Rainhill community choir Choir
Rebecca Joy Sharp contemporary classical
Red Night Cities post rock
Renaissance Film Productions film
Revo Dj
Richard O’Flynn solo acoustic
Rob Ager Film
Robyn Woolston – FIELD OF DREAMS Installation
Ronan Boyle solo acoustic
SahReal Contemporary classical/pop
Sakura Photographer
Sara T’Rula various
Sarah Deboe acoustic act
Sean Martin dj
See the Sound Promoter
See What I Did There? Promoter
Sense of Sound Vocal company
Sensorites indie band
Seven Years Behind Rock
Shakedown dj
Sick Circus metal
Skanky Panky Records Label
Sneak Beats dj
Sophie Bold Visual Art
southbound attic band band
Space God indie band
Speed Pets live electronica
Statement Haircut live electronica
Ste Hedley Band
Ste Hedley solo acoustic
Stealing Sheep alternative band
Stephen Ball Visual Art
Stephen Manley solo acoustic
Storm Theatre Theatre
Stuart Anthony’s Long Lost Band folk band
Stuart Lanceley Film
Suitcase Ensemble performance
supercannes Band
SuperIntense jazz
talk to Frank Band night
Technocrats dj
Tell Tale Theatre
Terry Gray solo acoustic
The Absurd
The Balloon Project charitable music project
The Big I Am solo acoustic
the drellas Band
The elementals Live Hip Hop
The Endings indie band
The Envy alternative band
The Esoteric Gender trip-hop
The Flamin’ mamies band
The Frank & Walters alternative band
The Frets indie band
The Harks indie band
The Invisible Wires indie band
The Moguls indie band
The Mono Lps indie band
The Southbound Attic Band alternative band
The Tea Street Band Band
the temps Band
the temps Band
The Vise punk
The Wasters punk
TiBi and Her Cello acoustic jazz
TJ & Murphy acoustic act
Tom George solo acoustic
Tony Glover Photographer
Trickster Theatre
Ullaloom Theatre
Un-Convention Convention
Versus magazine Media
Waxxx Media
We The Undersigned big band
We Walk In Straight Lines indie band
Will Hollyoaks dj
wind in the willow with southbound
attic band
Wrong Man dj
Year of Thread Fashion
Zumba Dance