Three Humped Camel In Garston

From Alex Corina…

Three Humped Camel In Garston
Another Art Crawl (to four venues)
Come and join us – mulled wine mince pies and the Christmas Spirit starts here.

With the Switching On of Neon Animal ‘Garstons Three humped Camel’

1. switching on ceremony and party at the Slaughterhouse for Animal a 25 ft neon light in St Mary’s Road Friday 17th November at 5:30 pm. International artist Ron Haseldon invited pupils to make drawings on the subject of an animal on an A6 piece of paper. One was chosen and transformed into a large scale, freestanding neon light.

2. Pupils Drawings will be on Exhibited at Jane McNicholl Design 53 St Mary’s Road between 5 and 8pm

Garstons animal is a three humped camel drawn by a pupil of gilmore infants.
This project is a Liverpool Biennial project developed in collaboration with Garston Cultural Village, Rotunda College in Vauxhall and Metal in Kensington. The three organisations aim to create through collaborative work, a presence in the neighbourhoods for the Biennial beyond the city centre.


3. Cafe Cargo Cafe Gallery

Preview of work by Chris Vine work from the capital Of Culture Series.
Exhibition will include Trojan Lamb Banana, Meccano Liver Bird, Carousel and other pictures.

” Many of my paintings tend to paint themselves. Much of my work revolves around visual language. I use figures of speech (mixed metaphors, contradictions,palidromes and clashing cliches) to describe the real and imagined”. Chris Vine

4. Ian Taylor at The Slaughterhouse

Parephernalia: A group of articles, used in some activity; equipement; gear.
This work is assembled from’gear’, objects re-worked into constructed moment, be it a hanging leap, or a fish in the beak.
Ian uses a diverse range of materials including stone wood, scrap metal and other found objects. His inspiration comes from a variety of sources including French sculptor Gaudier Bazeska and the three dimensonal work of Picasso.