The Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition – Manchester


Interesting happenings in Manchester next week…


The Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition is a creative, interactive, social, urban space, open to everyone. All free minds are invited to take part in the creation of this event of unique expression of alternative art, music and cultural interaction.

Following the success of the last year’s extravaganza at the old Smithfield Market…… we are doing it again! For those who didn’t come, find images of this Northern Quarter building’s amazing space in Manchester at

The philosophy of TAA is DIY. A squatted space is offered for anyone to do a creative intervention. There are no curators. It is run by ‘first come first served’ method in terms of the artists who want to exhibit their artwork or to respond to the space with installation work. The artists who want to perform will need to email at what they are intending to do and a programme will be scheduled from all those proposals. No need to say that these people will need to bring themselves any equipment they will require for their performance although some equipment will be possible to provide. The space will have stage, lights, sound system, and probably laptop and projector.


FREE STYLE LIVE ART @ TAA MANCHESTER Friday 26th October 2007 (5-8pm)

Within all the things that will happen (visual art, music, cabaret, film, workshops, permaculture, bicycology among others), this year TAA MANCHESTER wants to open a space for live art performances and wants to do a call to anyone or any groups out there who would like to do so; performances to be held in a stage or performances that will respond to the different spaces of the building (a big sala, corridors, a little room or even toilets 😉 experimental performance, dance, music, multimedia, physical theatre, creative writing… You name it.

The time for the Live Art Space will be on Thursday 25th from 6 till 9pm.

If you would like to do a live art performance, email at with subject ‘live art’:

– name of the piece (if any)
– time duration
– stage/or kind of space required
– equipment required, and if you can bring it or not.
– electrical needs

Well, the process is open. Let’s see what we do with it! Go!


Call 0793 8019153 from Wednesday 24th October for directions