The Spirit of Trees – Calderstones Park


The Spirit of Trees
Harthill Copse, Harthill Allotments, Calderstones Park, Liverpool
Monday 28th September 2009
12.00 – 15.00

A unique ‘live’ art installation celebrating the life of trees.

Produced by UrbanCanvas and the children of Broadgreen Primary School.

In support of Liverpool’s Year of the Environment Celebrations 2009

Over 4000 years ago the first scousers settled in the suburbs of Liverpool. They where famers who worked the land and respected the environment. They built magnificent stone clad tombs and decorated them with beautiful fine art carvings featuring spirals and strange symbols.

The Calderstones, now housed in the Harthill Greenhouses, Calderstones Park represent some of the oldest rock art ever found in the north west of England….the land around the Calderstones is still being farmed to this day and at Harthill Allotments in Liverpool’s Year of the Environment; this is our inspiration for The Spirit of Trees. Internationally renowned artists UrbanCanvas together with over 30 children from Broadgreen Primary School will be decorating over 50 trees in Harthill Copse, part of Harthill Allotments…..the works will be temporary using coloured earths, chalks and environmentally friendly paints, we will be drawing on inspirations from ancient cultures and civilisations from around the world.

We have no proof but we suspect that ancient cultures marked the trunks of trees with strange markings and art to mark out territory or simply to evoke the spirits of the woodland and nature….the ancient Celts used to bury food under trees in the Autumn in thanks for a good harvest…… we celebrate the coming October and Winter and the closing of Liverpool’s Year of the Environment with The Spirit of Trees….if trees could talk what tales would they tell?
The works will be seen by both park users and allotment holders.

The aim of the event is to highlight the role of allotments as centres of green thinking, creativity and learning for the whole community and over 4000 years of working the land…..the ‘grow your own’ philosophy and healthy living together with the value of ‘wild’ spaces set aside for nature….tiny woodlands matter 🙂

Broadgreen Primary School have Eco Schools Silver Status and are working towards achieving Green Flag this year.

For further details contact: Catherine McMahon (UrbanCanvas) web:


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