The Economy of the Gift, Eleanor Moreton, Global Studio

The Economy of the Gift/Eleanor Moreton/Global Studio « The Liverpool Art Critic.

I just can’t stop create blogs can I?

This excellent review by David Lloyd introduces the new Liverpool Art Critic blog. It’s a place for more serious reviews, criticisms and debate. More serious that is than my rather superficial reviews and random postings on this blog.

I’m hoping that people will register on the blog and post their own articles. It’s very easy to register and its a WordPress blog so many of you will already be familiar with the blog user interface.

If you have something to say about the local art scene, exhibitions, galleries, courses etc. sign up and tell the world.

Anyway, have a read of David’s review of the recently opened exhibitions at Bluecoat, Ceri Hand and A Foundation. You’re welcome to post a comment there too.