Tea, Cake and a Song at FACT. 13 May

Tea, Cake and a Song…

Susanna and Alice would love it if you would join them for a day of events at FACT in Liverpool city centre. The plan is to invite numerous singing groups from in and around the city to sing at FACT throughout the day on Wednesday 13th of May between 11am and 6pm as part of the centre’s Climate for Change exhibition. We invite you to watch and listen to the local singing groups and choirs whilst drinking tea, eating cake and meeting the choirs and singing groups performing.

We very much hope that you will be able to come along and take part. It would be wonderful if you would like to invite friends and others who you think might enjoy it. The aim of the day is to have fun and build networks. We are hoping that the performances will be really diverse. Some of the choirs will be singing songs local to Liverpool as well as ones specific to their group.

An online internet page will be created after the event with the aim of virtually linking up Liverpool’s choir groups all on one place on the internet in the hope that others may be encouraged to join in their local area or create groups of their own and add them. We shall include maps and a recording of the brilliant performances at FACT.

We would be very pleased for you to suggest to us any other choirs or singing groups that you know may be interested in participating and operate in the Liverpool area.

To enable us to document the event we ask your permission to film throughout the day.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Susanna Davies-Crook and Alice Brooke-Smith

RSVP: ourcityourvoices@live.com


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