TAXED no10: Skillmarket at A Foundation 24 April 2010

af-logoSATURDAY 24 April 2010 12.00 – 16.00 at A Foundation. TAXED no10: Skillmarket
FREE – Book in Advance
. An exchange for practical skills and useful information

A TAXED initiative, supported by a-n The Artists Information Company and A Foundation.
Developed by artists in Liverpool in response to artists’ needs in a challenging environment for their practice, Skillmarket aims to provide artists with a unique opportunity to interact and swap their skills and knowledge, in support of their professional development.

Skillmarket; the 10th event in the TAXED series (Taxed meaning ripped off or stolen in Liverpool slang) taxes Hannah Hurtzig’s ever-changing Mobile Academy. The 11th version was presented at Bluecoat, Liverpool in November 2008 as Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge.

Skill swaps make perfect sense in an environment where finance is tight. They demonstrate people’s appreciation of the value of another person’s unique knowledge, and are empowering in that both parties can respect the other’s strengths.

During March, artist-led initiative Taxed asked artists to tell them not only about the skills and knowledge they needed, but also about which of these they could offer other artists, with the idea to hold Skillmarket the outcome.

Skillmarket is a four-hour ‘give to get’ event for up to eighty artists and arts organisers to deliver timely skills development whist providing a platform for introductions between artists that brings the artistic community of Liverpool and environs together at something other than exhibition openings.

Skillmarket also responds to the CCS Visual Arts Blueprint’s recommendation for approaches to workforce development that identifies that there are not currently enough support structures in place among artists. Evaluation of the event’s outcomes and impact will inform future plans.

This is a free event although places should booked in advance as space is limited. Artists can sign up for this event by emailing

Please state a skill that you would like to offer and something you would like to learn.
This can be anything practical, from stretching a canvas to filling in a tax return. Don’t underestimate the value of what you can offer!

Skillsmarket is financially supported by UK artists’ development organisation a-n The Artists Information Company and by A Foundation who will administer and host the event. Taxed is supported by A Foundation.


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