‘Tate, Religion, Descrimination’ Exhibition

From Anthony Padgett…

Private View of
(exhibition to coincide with the Turner Prize).

Thursday 11th October 17.30 – 19.30

WHERE: Unit C18 – next door to Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock.
WHEN: Exhibition open to the public from 12th October 2007 (Tues – Sun 10 – 18.00).
CONTACT: Anthony Padgett 07812 799521

The exhibition is about the religious artist Anthony Padgett’s conceptual artwork, a 2 year case of religious discrimination against the Tate over the lack of regulation and the unfairness in the way the Tate select work – particularly with regards religious artists.

The exhibition coincides with this years Turner Prize at Tate Liverpool.


Tate have spent £19,750 on external legal help and an undisclosed sum, estimated £30,000, internally on the case.

On exhibition will be a 2 metre high, half-scale sculpture of the memorial to Sir Henry Tate, made of polystyrene cubes. It was Tate’s rejection of Padgett’s proposed performance around this sculpture that is the basis of his complaint.

Also on exhibition will be selected case documents printed as 1.5 metre high protest banners.

The artist will be in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, preparing for his Appeal, listed for hearing in London 16th November 2007.

The case has repercussions for selection of work on the basis of sex, disability, age and sexuality. These are all areas underrepresented in the gallery.

If successful performance artists will have the same rights as other workers. This will also set a precedent for accountability of selection of visual artists.

The Appeal Hearing will be:
16th November 2007
Audit House,
58 Victoria Embankment,

Details of the case and YouTube movies can be seen on www.theism.co.uk