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Tate Liverpool Research Forum, Nov 3rd

Tate Liverpool Research Forum
Biennial Culture: Art as ‘Reverse Colonialism’
Friday 3rd November 2006 2pm-5pm

Chair: Steven Gartside, Research Fellow, MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University

Biennial Culture is often identified through its potential in opening-up possibilities within the art world, a widening of horizons, and an unprecedented level of cultural diversity in location, source material and artists. It is perhaps appropriate to ask to what extent this actually happens…

Taking the Liverpool 2006 Biennial as a starting point, the forum will discuss the position of biennials in the global politics of art.

Ming-Hui Chen, Loughborough University: Taipei Biennial 1996: A Response to the Discourses of Post-colonialism and Globalisation in the Asia-Pacific Region

Rafal Niemojewki, Royal College of Art: Venice or Havana? A polemic on the model of the contemporary biennial
Alpesh Patel, University of Manchester: Mapping the South Asian Diaspora through the Queer and Gendered Artist Body

Tate Liverpool
£6(£5 concessions)
Price includes entry to the Liverpool Biennial 2006 exhibition and refreshments.
For tickets, call 0151 702 7400.