Talk at the Bluecoat – Artist In Residence, Nina Konnemann.

September has seen the Bluecoat, one of the UK’s oldest arts spaces, relaunch its programme of artists’ residencies having reopened in March 08 after a £12.5m redevelopment project.

Berlin-based film/video artist Nina Konnemann is spending a month at the Bluecoat, supported by Goethe Institüt, which, through its varied programme of activities, helps people all over the globe to come into contact and engage with art from Germany.

With a 10-year legacy of visiting and working in the UK, Konnemann was delighted to be chosen to spend time in Liverpool, a city that she had spent no longer than a day in previously.

Konnemann’s film work is known for its simplicity. No special effects are used and all the actions shown are real, non-spectacular events. Frieze magazine describes her work as videos that ‘gently unhinge your sense of time and space’. During her time at the Bluecoat, Konnemann has spent time creating new work including capturing old fashioned seaside amusements in Southport.

Nina Konnemann will be giving a free artist talk at the Bluecoat, Tuesday 30 September, 6.00pm. This is an opportunity to see some of Nina’s videos and hear her talk about them, her practice and her residency at the Bluecoat.