1. Went to this opening! Interesting, but too much hypocrisy. Art shown from another culture in a capitalist economy, upheld by the bourgeoisie ideals of western culture and institutional canons on contemporary. When in reality the politics of China are communist. It is interesting, because is it the middle class aspirations to be them, as the Chinese reach greater international economic power, because they have what ‘we’ want or is the Chinese who seeks those liberties of cultural hierarchy, once surpressed by Communism. China is in a transition of what could be and possibilities, but too is western society, but what is falling from grace economically.

    In contrast to Liverpool, the atmosphere tonight was full of so much sycophantic appraisal, I wanted to vomit. Remember! The West want back its capitalist autonomy and economic power. This is reinforced, because one of the main backers to this evenings opening at the Tate is the Liverpool Culture Company and believe me when you see the exhibition you will see no expense has been spared on this. However, a week prior what do we have in our local rag? Reported in the Daily post the Liverpool Culture Company has a deficit of £26 million. Go to:
    icliverpool link

    What concerns me is no one blinks an eye lid. Everyone tonight behaving as if there is nothing wrong in this picture Liverpool is professing. We are not even on the dawn of the European City Capital of Culture 2008 and yet there is this exuberant over spend. Where the hell has this gone?

    I am not opposed to other artists coming from other cultures to the city. It makes for a good exchange of creativity. Indeed the city of Liverpool has a heritage from the four corners of the world and most of us are products of this with family ties across the globe. I am talking about the lies we are being told. The cover ups and more. If anyone has any sense in this city, you need to start asking yourself what is ‘actually’ going on? Where is this money going? And more.

    I can guarantee you all, something is seriously wrong and although we may each think this has nothing to do with each of us and is out of control. Think again, because when the bubble bursts and the truth is revealed we are all going to pay the price financially when the city has to balance its book. Where do you think the money for this will come? From each of you who live in this city.

    Pathetic really, because post 2008, it will be a time Liverpool will ask again for EU Funding, due to social deprivation, as it did in the 80s and so on.

    I believe the mess is bigger than they are making. Instead of job creation, it will be job unemployment as everyting explodes through the local economy like a domino effect.

    Believe me! Those who are causing this deficit by then will be well gone and handsomely self rewarded undoubtedly!

  2. I don’t disagree with everything you say Diana – we do live in a capitalist society after all so there are inevitably highs and lows, corruption, deceit etc. its all part of the package.
    But Christ, I’m glad I don’t have to live with you. I’ve never been really depressed in my life but I think one day of listening to your persistent negativity would make me almost suicidal!

    Do keep posting though 🙂

  3. My art work is set on Anime, like ‘Astro Boy’. Idyllic characters.

    I am disheartened by what I see and that no one seems to do anything about it, but tolerate it. Ignorance is wrong and in history atrocities have been permitted by others simply for this.

    It is about making it a better world, we can not all walk around with blinkers on. Are we supposed to accept our lot and not question what is right and/or wrong? Without this the human race would not have advanced at all.

    We live in a different time now, but history does repeat and we are supposed to learn from it.

  4. Ah ‘Astro Boy’ Thats more like it, good to see you have a lighter side.

    Agree about questioning and all that but we can also make a better world by accentuating the positive.


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