Sputnik Launches in Liverpool. 13 and 14 June

Sputnik by Fittings (photo: Imran Ali)
Sputnik by Fittings (photo: Imran Ali)

Sputnik Launched in Liverpool. 13/14 June 2009

An amazing show is set to wow Liverpool audiences with its combination of dance, music and a fantastic moving sculpture as the centrepiece.

Appearing at the Bluecoat Courtyard, Liverpool on the 13th and 14th June is a magical new show, Sputnik: A Project of Possibilities, which draws performers and artists from all over the UK as well as Russia. It tells the story of a young woman who wants to live away from Earth, so asks a watchmaker to build her a beautiful machine that fuses with her body and soul, then spirits her away on a magical journey.

Liverpool-based Fittings Multimedia Arts director Garry Robson has joined forces with Russian kinetic artists Sharmanka, musician Leigh Stirling, choreographer Mish Weaver plus award-winning performer and aerial dancer, Claire Cunningham, to create this unique performance installation.

Artistic Director of Fittings Multimedia Arts, Garry Robson, said: “Sputnik has woven together the talents of a number of different artists and performers, from several genres, into something really special.  We’re thrilled to be able to showcase this amazing performance and kinetic sculpture in Liverpool.  It’s a magical experience that will have watchers of all ages utterly spellbound.”

Jane, the central character in the performance piece, talks of her intentions to leave the planet: “It is Impossible to live on this Earth, I have no wish to die, especially not now, but I do have a wish to live elsewhere.

Therefore I will develop a Project for living away from the earth.  If the project I create has endless possibilities and is powered by not just my body but my spirit, given the right place and the right time, my life could begin again.


Jane’s blog is at http://janejanes.wordpress.com/

The show is touring the UK, but appears in Liverpool for one weekend only.  Sputnik can be seen at 11.00am; 2pm and 4pm at The Bluecoat on both the 13th and 14th of June.  For more information on the venue visit www.thebluecoat.org.uk.


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