‘Sizemology’ on the BBC Big Screen – June 2008


Sizemology on the Big Screen, Clayton Sq.

In response to the lingering perception of outdoor screens as giant TVs, the Big Screen takes a step toward magnifying the miniature while simultaneously shrinking the grandiose down to size.

Sizemology is a series of shorts looking at size from a new perspective. Curated by Bren O’Callaghan, the collection includes The Model City, a new commission for the Big Screen Liverpool starring a B-movie invasion of super-sized insects that stalk, crawl and ooze amongst the city streets.

Sizemology is on the Big Screen Liverpool, Clayton Square from Friday 13th June – Thursday 26th June 2008, daily at 12.00, 14,00, 16.00, 19.00 and 21.00.

The Films
99¢ Travelogue


Animated of an eerily compressed world built of plastic animals, construction paper drawings, eraser forests and brightly coloured plastics from the densely crowded 99¢ landscape. Art & animation by Molly Schwartz, Music by Eric Eble, 2007.

Little Deaths 2

Part of a series of films using non reversible state changes, soluble headache tablets carved with the bare minimum of features – two eyes, a mouth – are held under water until their inevitable end. By Alex Pearl, 2007.

Clockwork Protest Films: Protest Film – St Petersburg

A kit containing a clockwork protester and placards is dispatched to various locations and passed from person to person. No limits are set on how or where the protesters are used or what they are protesting against. By Alex Pearl, 2006.

In Places

An abstract skyline tipped with imposing towers until the artist, with Zeus-like omnipotence, falls from the sky in an apocalyptic belly-flop. But the city has a secret means of defence. By Eric Olofson.


A domestic house is transformed into an international flight-terminal as jumbo jets stack up in holding queues around the light fittings before descending for touchdown upon the carpet. By Hiraki Sawa, 2002.
themodelcity_230.jpgThe Model City

Architectural models of the city of Liverpool are populated with insects that clamber across the streets and rooftops, enjoying a freedom to roam that we ourselves cannot; restricted to approved access and prescribed routes. Sam Meech, 2008.

Winter’s Veil

Inspired by snow and other particles – their inner worlds, their wanderings and exchanges, the mind’s eye alternately flickers between what appears to be microscopic in nature but also mimics the massive orbit of interplanetary objects. Eva Lee, 2007.

Open My Glade/Pipilotti Rist

Originally commissioned for outdoor display in Times Square, New York, the artist squashes her face against a glass panel in a humorous yet disturbing confrontation of elasticized flesh and smeared lipstick.

Pipilotti Rist is the focus of a major solo exhibition at FACT from 27 June – 31 August 2008. Presented in association with Hauser & Wirth, Zürich / London. Open My Glade will continue screening on the Big Screen Liverpool during this period.

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