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Singing Paints A Picture

SINGERS who are passionate about their craft are putting on two very different shows.

The first is an a cappella concert called Face the Music taking place on Thursday (9 February 2006) and the second show is an exhibition of photographic work capturing the singers in all sorts of interesting situations-including poised on a high dive board.

Photographs depict Chip, poised on a diving board, Dave who peers thoughtfully up at the oily underside of a car engine and Geoff stands on a hillside grasping a chainsaw in a hard hat. They all have two things in common: they are wearing dinner suits and bow ties, and they all love to sing, everything from jazz, soul and pop to madrigals.

Photographer Derek Massey, who has helped organise the project, said: “This is a unique concert, presented by Jennifer John, Black Businesswoman of the Year, and features her choir, Sense of Sound. We thought that recording different aspects of the singers’ lives in this way gave a real insight into the passionate world of song.”

The photographs and singers will be brought together in a unique concert of a cappella music with eight choirs at Notre Dame School for the Performing Arts on Thursday February 9th at 7.30pm. The exhibition will then tour the city libraries over the next six months, and a listening post will be available so that everyone can sample the sounds from the concert.