SALE at The Royal Standard

The Royal Standard website now has details of the artwork prices and latest bargains. Prices are moving up or down so keep checking. Prices range from 30p to £2500.

Regardless the sale theme we really enjoyed the show, there’s lots of interesting and fun artworks

SALE at the Royal Standard. 23 January – 28 February 2009
SALE will transform the white walled galleries at the Royal Standard into an ‘Art Superstore’ stocked with hundreds of artworks including a vibrant array of paintings, sculpture, drawing, film, intervention and photography selected from the most exciting emerging and more established artists from across the UK and beyond.

SALE presents constant special offers that will tempt you into buying that ‘must have’ artwork with prices from a few pounds to a few thousand, fluctuating throughout the show as artist’s profiles soar and dive. We promise to pass reductions straight on to our customers –so it’s up to you to buy when the price is right.

Remember, when it’s gone it’s gone!


Stocking a wide selection of artists including Jo Addison, Craig Atkinson, Ayling & Conroy, David Blandy, Andrew Bracey, Shane Bradford, Gordon Dalton, Craig Fisher, Toby Huddlestone, Hannah James, David Kefford, Hayley Lock, Lowprofile, Nicki Mccubbing, Kate Parrott, Dan Perjovski, James Robert Ford, Liz Rowe, Rachel Wilberforce, Jeremy Willett and many, many more*.
*subject to availability

Exhibition runs: Friday 23 January – Saturday 28 February 2009
Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 11am – 5pm