REZZ – Photography exhibition merges the real and virtual worlds


REZZ – Photography exhibition merges the real and virtual worlds

Photographer Pete Carr is currently developing an innovative exhibition in collaboration with the Bluecoat gallery in Liverpool.

The exhibition, Rezz, features portrait photos of strangers taken on his iPhone with Hipstamatic – nothing unusual there perhaps. However instead of displaying these portraits in the traditional manner in a gallery, Pete is using social media to let the public encounter each photo out on the street in the location where it was taken.

When the full exhibition is launched in May, anyone with a smartphone will be able to download a free map that takes them out of the galleries and onto the streets of Liverpool to find the photographs. You will only be able to see each photograph when you are in the right location. The exhibition will also have a real-world base at the Bluecoat from May to June 2011.

Pete explains that the exhibition developed out of a project he started in 2009, which challenged him to approach strangers and ask to take their picture;
“The project really showed me the power of photography. Photography gives you a reason to engage with people, to talk with strangers on the street and learn about their lives.
“This started me thinking about the use of technology and how we engage with people. Social media is all about networking with strangers, which is something that people are much more comfortable with online. Why?
“As photography helped me to meet some fascinating people I felt it was appropriate to use social media to engage the public with these portraits in a whole new way.
“The great thing about this exhibition is that it isn’t restricted by opening hours or admission charges. My photos will be out there for anyone to see for free, at any time of day. You don’t even have to be interested in photography to get involved. I really hope that some people stumble upon them by chance in the right location and are intrigued enough to seek out a few more. Maybe they’ll meet some interesting people along the way.”


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