RENEW is renewed as Milk and Sugar!


milk-n-sugar-door I thought nobody was spending money on advertising these days.

I got this strange invite to the launch of Milk and Sugar, a blank mug, we have to draw a design on it with the pen provided. We have to take it with us to the launch or they won’t let us in!

I’m trying to resist just writing on it, I think the plan is to feature the ‘artworks’ in an exhibition at the venue.

Milk and Sugar is the place that has up to now been known as RENEW Rooms NW in the Tea Factory Building on Wood St, its still part of RIBA but they’ve teamed up with Places Matter! to relaunch / rebrand the space.

Not much on the website yet but the place opens on 19 February 2009.


On Tuesday, if your in town, look out for a giant version of the mug being decorated at various venues.