Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Preview of Beatles at Ikonography

lennon and yokoPreview by Catherine Jones for tonight’s Echo of the exhibition at Ikonography (she spells it Iconography, never mind).

He took one of the first pictures of John and Yoko together and once borrowed the Beatles’ psychedelic Rolls Royce for a photo shoot.

Now veteran photographer Bill Zygmant is bringing his candid snaps of the Fab Four to Liverpool for the Mathew Street festival.

An exhibition of Zygmant’s work is going on show at the Iconography gallery in Mathew Street.

Visitors will have a chance to buy copies of the pictures and on Saturday have them signed by the photographer himself.

It opens on Friday August 25th at the gallery and photography studio above the Beatles Shop in Mathew Street.

There is a viewing on Thursday evening.