Peter Oakley Exhibition at Bank Quay House

A nice show just opened in Warrington.

The Gallery At Bank Quay House are displaying an exhibition of paintings and prints by Peter Oakley NDD, ATD, MA, PPMAFA.

Dipping into many territories in terms of medium and Peter not favoring one over another, this exhibition sees Peter’s work reflecting circumstances and surroundings.

Peter wanted to evoke the feeling of waking from a dream, where objects and places are almost remembered – but not quite.
The objects in the artwork look recognisable, but there is an ambiguity about them.  The sense of them is there, but the memory is hazy and indistinct.

The exhibition also sees pieces from the Egyptian series inspired by travels and excavations in the country.

Free Admission.
Open Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-4.
Exhibition continues until 4th July 2011.


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