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Paul Rooney Talk at Cornerhouse

Liverpool artist, Paul Rooney is giving a talk at the Cornerhouse in Manchester on Tuesday…

Tuesday Talks

17 October – 28 November 2006
This ongoing series explores the driving forces within contemporary art and visual culture, by inviting artists and other experts to talk about what influences and inspires them. The series is programmed by Prof. Pavel Buchler, Manchester Metropolitan University and Lesley Young, Visual Arts Education Officer, Cornerhouse.

Paul Rooney
17 October, 11.00am – 12.30pm
Rooney uses the humdrum and mundane aspects of life to make videos and music, creating dark and occasionally humorous visual and musical compositions. Based in Liverpool, Rooney has recently had a solo exhibition at firstsite, Colchester, been included in British Art Show 6, and curated the exhibition Pass the Time of Day which was presented at Castlefield.