Participants wanted for performance ‘From The River To The Sea’

From Royal Standard…

Participants wanted for Ben Langworthy’s performance ‘From The River To The Sea’ – Saturday 28th November 2009

Are you free this Saturday 28th November between 4.30pm and 6.00pm and interested in taking part in a Guerrilla message that will spread throughout Liverpool City Centre as the light fades?

Plymouth based artist Ben Langworthy’s participatory performance ‘From The River To The Sea’ will see a low-fi Morse code message travel though the city centre of Liverpool on a large scale whilst remaining mostly invisible.

Participants are invited to bring a torch along to The Royal Standard at 4.30pm on Saturday, where they will be given Morse Code instructions and a destination. Once it turns dark the message begins to grow as it passes though the city, each participant adding words describing their route as they pass from place to place. Starting in Liverpool and traveling to Plymouth, this ambitious communal message will map its own journey, culminating at Plymouth Arts Centre on Sunday evening where it can finally be decoded, forming a dialogue between these two port cities.

Ben Langworthy is a Plymouth based artist currently undertaking a week long residency at the Royal Standard of which ‘From The River To The Sea’ will be the culmination of his time in Liverpool. His interests lie in the identity of place and how different locations can conect and communicate.


and as many volunteers as possible to take part, speaking about your city directly with Bens!

Please get in touch via facebook with Ben Langworthy directly or leave us a message below if you can make it along or have any more questions

Torches, bike lights, camping lights and even mobile phones will work if they are bright enough!

* Hot drinks and Plymouth Gin provided *

See also the Facebook page:

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