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Open Studios at the Bluecoat – May 17/18

Welcome Back Weekend
Open Studios at the Bluecoat

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May 2008, 12.00pm – 5.00pm

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May, 12.00pm-5.00pm, the Bluecoat’s resident artists, designer-makers and creative businesses are taking over the building for a two-day celebration of their return to the iconic creative hub.

Visitors can enjoy a showcase of Liverpool’s best creative talent, see artists at work, find out about the creative process, commission something unique and get to know the talented person who produced it. They can also expect the unexpected as the tenants make creative interventions throughout the building.

The creative occupiers taking part are: Landbaby, Bob Porter, Purlesque, Mango Percussion, Display Centre, Jane Rees, Anthony Wong, bobbyandsophie, Agent Marketing, Pedro Pedraja, Bernadette O’Toole, Nawal Gebreel, Ben Egerton, Katriona Beales, Markus Soukup, Becs Andrews, Neil Keating, Nick Williams, Sacha Waldron, Nicki McCubbing, Julia Carter-Preston, Sense of Sound, Nook and Willow, Fittings Multimedia Arts, Sharon Mutch and A&R Photography.

The relationship between the Bluecoat and its creative occupiers is unique in that those working from the building have a huge role to play in sharing their ideas and knowledge with the Bluecoat’s audiences. That might involve running a workshop, taking on a student placement, working on a community arts project or simply opening their doors to the public now and again to expose the creative process.

Alastair Upton, Chief Executive at the Bluecoat comments ‘Our community of artists, creative businesses and retailers are the lifeblood of the building and play a major role in the Bluecoat’s unique position as a true, living, breathing creative hub. Working across a wide spectrum of art and creative practice, they bring a new vibrancy to the Bluecoat and this is the first chance visitors have to see them at work in their spaces.’

The Bluecoat’s role is to support its occupiers without replicating what else is already successful in the city, pulling together that help under one roof and working with support agencies to provide a relevant and effective package.

Lynne Robertson, who in April 2007 took on the newly created role of Business Development Manager at the Bluecoat, adds ‘Our vision for the Bluecoat is as an innovative contemporary arts experience that encourages and supports the development of creative talent. A beacon of that certain individuality that makes Liverpool so special. With a centre like this in the heart of the city, Liverpool can never become a “clone town” and will retain that sense of energy and creativity it needs.’

The Bluecoat provides a fully creative environment where practitioners and businesses are encouraged to work together, collaborate on projects, share ideas, share contacts, network and branch into new areas of work and practice.

Markus Soukoup, a new resident artist at the Bluecoat, who had previously worked from his home comments, ‘It has been great to start working in my studio with the two other artists I share with, Becs and Katie. We are all benefitting from each others’ different perspectives and approaches. Being at the Bluecoat is actually quite spiritual. It has a real inspirational energy.’

In return the Bluecoat benefits from something much more than rent. The Bluecoat’s identity comes as much from the people who work throughout the building as the art one organisation presents in it.