On the Big Screen – Beneath A Cloudless Sky


‘Beneath a Cloudless Sky’ on the Big Screen, Clayton Square, Liverpool

An art project offers surreal images of an alternative future for Liverpool.

The UK port city of Liverpool in 2008: European Capital of Culture. During the bid period a competition to design a new cultural landmark was awarded to architect Will Alsop who proposed a multi-faceted, jewel-like building held aloft upon stilts, dubbed ‘The Cloud’.

For a brief moment the city prepared to make a dramatic break from tradition… only for the project to be cancelled.

Beneath a Cloudless Sky in association with the School of Architecture – University of Liverpool and BBC Big Screen Liverpool attempts to reignite a sense of wonder, unrestricted by build costs, planning approval or viability. Incorporating short film, video art and free postcards offering alternative views of the city to visitors and residents both.


Curated by Richard Koeck, Felipe Hernández & Bren O’Callaghan

Friday 23rd May – Thursday 5th June 2008, daily at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, 19.00 and 21.00
Liverpool Re-Generated: Surreal Images of an Alternative Future
School of Architecture – University of Liverpool
Video, drawing, photography and 30,000 free postcards

Using Liverpool as a point of departure, students explore various possibilities of representing the city. In recent years the image of this former seafaring hub has been transformed. These transformations are not only physical but also symbolic and commercial. Numerous, even contrasting images of the city proliferate, yet all attempt to represent an ‘imagined’ city: what they would like Liverpool to be.

Includes footage produced in collaboration with the Porto School of Architecture (Portugal) and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (Germany), both focusing on previous European Capitals of Culture.

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