Official Opening of Transvoyeur Legacy at RLH A&E


Official Opening for Transvoyeur Legacy 2007 Art Collection.

This Saturday 18 August 2007 at 12.00 pm the Official Press Opening for Transvoyeur Legacy 2007 Art Collection. This will be held in reception of the Emergency Department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Over the past few days the diverse collection of art is being installed in the run up to this historical event. This is the first time a collection of this calibre has been donated to the Emergency Department, similar to the precedence set by charity art auction to raise funds done a few months ago. The art work is to improve the nature of the medical space in the Emergency Department and to promote a sense of well being for the patients, staff and public. The initiative is to raise awareness and recognition of the exceptional the department does and to form a professional relationship between arts and medical profession.

During the recent installation of the art work a piece donated by Tony Knox, which shows a screen print of Ken Dodd with small ‘Moth Men’ in the back ground, as a take on the Diddy Men, has caused a stir in the hospital; especially as it is placed to the entrance of the Psychologists Office. The screen print originated from a photographic taken by Knox of Ken Dodd at the View Two Gallery in 2006. This work has already been a talking point and one of the staff saying “Dodd looks like he is on prozac!


  1. This project Gaynor came up with is incredible. It turned out not to have been done before and makes an historical event. I have spoken to her about this and she still shocked there has never been any fundraiser or art collection donated to the Emergency Department in its history. Like all medical departments they are funded by central government, but some fundraiser initiatives are more common with charity interest. Yet, this department supports the infrastructure of medical emergencies for the city of Liverpool. She describes this project as accidental in historical interest, but it does not surprise me with her, as she is an innovator and always willing to explore and do things different that other shy away from for whatever reasons. Passionate and forthright, she stands for her beliefs and follows things with a good heart. I congratulate her and the rest of Transvoyeur for doing such a wonderful project and undoubtedly the Emergency Department will be pleased too.


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