Next Event at Loft Space – Sunday March 11

The next exhibition in the series at the Loft Space Programme, Curated by Jo Derbyshire, will commence Sunday 11 March 2007 to Saturday 17 March 2007.

The Loft Space is an artist in residence project curated by Jo Derbyshire to explore arts and culture in the urban space with contributions from other Transvoyeur artists and invited guest artists.

Viewing of the diverse exhibitions is by appointment, so please contact the Curator, Jo Derbyshire, direct at 07946353251 or email

11 March 2007 – 17 March 2007
Nietzsche’s Urbanised Icon by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney and Tony Knox.

Sweeney and Knox through their independents research of genetic intervention of the body and the concept of the post modern hero respectively will collaboratively explore in a contemporary socio-urban context the fundamental philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche is famous for his rejection of what he calls “slave morality” (which he felt reflected the inverse of the “will to power” and a perversion of useful altruism); his attacks on Christianity (a character in one of his works declared that “God is dead”); his origination of the √úbermensch concept (translated as “Overman” or “Superman”) in only one of his books; his embrace of a sort of a-rationalism; and something he called “the Will to Power” (Wille zur Macht). and