New Gallery to Open with Stephanie de Leng Exhibition

There’s a new gallery in Liverpool, hurrah! Its called The Gallery Liverpool and it opens to the public on Friday 30 October 2009.

The Gallery will occupy the entire upper floor of the industrial premises of John O’Keeffe & Son Ltd, well known local signmakers and engravers. Over the years many local artists have frequented this striking building to utilise the expert framing services of C Atkinsons Ltd. When another former tenant vacated the cavernous space above O’Keeffe’s, it seemed only apt to put it to a more cultural use. The opening of The Gallery will further consolidate the emerging artistic profile of Liverpool’s new artist’s hub.

Meticulous planning of its recent refurbishment has retained the integrity of the industrial heritage as well as offering a large versatile space which can be used for a multitude of events.

Situated in close proximity to the Contemporary Urban Centre, A Foundation and Elevator Studios, this exciting venue will be open to promoting a range of artistic approaches and will seek to become known as the byword in showcasing “home-grown” local talent.

The Gallery will open with an exhibition of works by the renowned local photographer Stephanie De Leng entitled ‘Body Landscapes’. The exhibition opens at The Courtyard, 41 Stanhope Street L8 5RE to the public from October 30th and will run until the November 19th 2009.

There will also be an “Any Questions” style debate chaired by BBC Broadcaster Roger Phillips at the Victoria Gallery & Museum, Brownlow Hill on Thursday 29th October 16.30 – 18.30.
Bring your questions for an open discussion on “Body image & the media”


  1. Why have the talk before in a different location? What time is the Private View?
    When it is a new venue it is important to recognise the location and I think by having the talk somewhere else prior to the main event it will confuse people and most people have not even taken in where the Victoria Museum and Gallery is yet. Wonderful though it is!

  2. My fault for missing off the PV times which I’ve added now 19-21.30. It was all in the listings.
    Agree about the two venues being a bit of a problem, especially as they’re so far apart.

  3. Sorry, just found out the Private View is invite only so have taken that information out now. The mix up was only partly my fault.
    The debate, though, is open to all – well it holds 230 people anyway and its in the Leggate Theatre in the Victoria Gallery & Museum building. This is where they used to teach anatomy, which seems appropriate.


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