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Neon light-works illuminate Liverpool this winter

Neon light-works illuminate Liverpool this winter

Animal, a series of magnificent large-scale neon light-works by Ron Haselden and inspired by children’s line drawings, will be switched on simultaneously in 3 different neighbourhoods on Friday 17 November 2006 at 17.45. A finale to Liverpool Biennial 2006, Animal is an International+ project developed with the Liverpool Biennial Network, the first in a series of Winter Lights Projects leading up to 2008.

Artist Ron Haselden was commissioned to create three neon light works for presentation in neighbourhood locations. Large and glowing lines in neon-coloured light, faithfully describe the original paths drawn by the children’s hands. The designs for the light-works have been generated through schools workshops led by local artist, Samantha Jones. The Year 1 pupils created line drawings of animals, either imaginary or realistic. Three of these Animal drawings have been transformed into large scale, freestanding line drawings in neon light, to be installed in their respective neighbourhoods.

Erika Rushton, Neighbourhood Director for INclude and a professional artist, said, “INclude understands that art helps to transform the places we live, and the way in which we think about those places. These stunning light sculptures demonstrate the creativity and imagination of our local schoolchildren, and provide a special Christmas magic for residents of all ages. We’re delighted to have been able to sponsor the Winter Lights project and appreciate the impact that the Liverpool Biennial in collaboration with Garston Cultural Village, Metal and Rotunda College has on our neighbourhoods.