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Museum MAN This Saturday

Late notice of another exhibition at Museum MAN opening Saturday Nov 26th at 19.00. This will be the final exhibition of 2005 and runs until December 30th.
‘Beirut Out of War’ – curated by Mai Ghoussoub

“The Museum MAN in Liverpool has asked me to curate an exhibition relating to Beirut and the reality of the city as seen by Lebanese artists.
I chose the title Beirut out of War, out instead of after because many artists in Lebanon faced the war by painting and sculpting an alternative reality in the midst of it. I chose out because many younger artists came back to Lebanon after having lived the reality of the war from outside, expressing through their installations, films and music a vision of their country that is both from In and from out of its geography and visual or artistic ‘heritage’. Out is also a better term in the political panorama of Beirut today, especially after the trauma caused by the bombs that have fortunately not (yet?) resulted in war but that have prompted a memory in the future of past fears.
Four Lebanese artists will bring their work in November 2005 at MAN Museum Liverpool reflecting through their different artistic languages and approaches their vision of Beirut Out Of War.”

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