‘Mosaic House’ – Solid Futures Project Opens Thursday


Mosaics House – Solid Futures Artist Residency Project
Private View is 17.00 – 19.00 This Thursday June 7 2007 at 45 Stanley Road, Bootle

The project is part of a Solid Futures Artist Residency Project, based in the Bedford/Queens Road area of Bootle. This project is ran by the same people that organised the Welsh St projects – Tic Consultants.

Debbie Ryan has been based at Stanley Road over the past few months, running mosaic workshops with different community groups. The culmination of efforts will result in the construction of a Mosaic “House”. The mosaic is made up of individual mosaics that children and participants designed and made themselves.

The theme was of local history,culture and community hopes for the future (The area is going through extensiive redevelopment). The house is a collaborative piece which celebrates a variety of themes, taking inspiration from Roger McGoughs “Bootle” poem.

Another Artist Vinny Cleghorne, took the lead in the project, with over 20 years of community art experience. Vinny worked with participants creating large bold and colorful murals within centres and at 45 Stanley Road.

Sam Hatton is an artist that specialises in Film and Animation, Sam documented the whole project, interviewing lots of people about their thoughts and experiences. Sam has created a 45 minute film about the whole project.

This is a unique project, that sees collaboration in all forms.

Solid Futures

Debbie Ryan